Software Development

  • We developed customize software tailored to meet end user and customer request for various organizations: Hospital (Hospital Information Management Systems), Hotels, Accounting & Finance, Private & Government Parastatals, NGO, e.t.c,
  • We developed innovative website & portals for clients,
  • Sell software as a service (SaaS)
  • Build workflow automation
  • Integrate Electronic Content Management (ECM) solutions with any Business Process Management (BPM) tools and workflow automation

Document Management Solutions

  • EDMS (Electronic Document Management Systems): Our Document Management Software Solution is an easy to use, efficient Electronic Content Management Solution that you can use to store, retrieved and manage your data/information. Some of the features are: Co-authoring and Collaboration, workflows, meta data structure, Offline access, seamless integration to Microsoft Windows and MS Office Application e.t.c

  • Digital and Physical Archiving of Documents: Many organizations are still stock with document of 5yrs, 10yrs, 15yrs and some even 20yrs. These documents occupy office space and incur operational cost. Our goal is to help you maximize your space (space economics), and ensure that these documents are safe and secured, and also engaging personnel for record keeping. With the FOI (Freedom of Information Act) which states that information should be made available to the public as to when they are needed; to help organization meet up with this Act, we will be helping organization scanned these physical documents and stored them in a warehouse.

IT Consultancy

We conduct IT audits, design the right architecture, implement necessary solutions for organizations, install and configure servers and routers, inspect LAN in view to recommend the best Topology. Build Active Directory Domains and provide information Security. We also sell/supply on demand IT Materials and equipments.


  • Address: Aperin House (3rd Floor)
    Plot 27, Budo Layout (Beside God is Good Motors)Ajiwe, Lekki - Epe
    Express Way, Lagos.
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  • Tel: +234 813 303 2775, (0) 817 147 5425,(0) 902 452 7494,
    (0) 815 696 8180.



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